The Quilter's Meow

The Quilter's Meow

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fall in Georgia


Pictures taken in our yard in the country. It's so nice here in the Fall & even in the Winter. I've been
so busy designing quilts & selling them on my website, & helping my
mom through her Ovarian Cancer ordeal. It's hard to get everything done & get ready for Christmas.
This year my brothers & sister & their famlies are coming for Christmas to spend it with me & my mom.
Hubby is busy working & furry babies are keeping me company while I quilt. Hope to get to my
Landscape quilts soon. They look like paintings but out of  fabric. My dream of becoming an artist
& designing is still a dream but I'm trying.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Infamous Bone!!

Notice the red snoot on the right side
of the picture. Tucker, our blond Lab, loves
to put his bone in strange places so I have
to stop sewing & pay attention to him!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Life in Georgia & Designing

We're living in the country & watching the weather change. We're from Missouri but life here is wonderful & peaceful. I just sold one of my quilts & looking for what next to design. Would like to make my landscape quilts. They are so real looking & three dementional. I see so many artists on here & & think, Can I do that?
I will be adding pics of Georgia & our home & my designs as I get up & running better.
We live with 6 rescue animals, so you will see them as well. My husband is selling his truck too on Craigslist. Wonder if it'll sell??

I'm new to blogging so bare with me! lol