The Quilter's Meow

The Quilter's Meow

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Garden Song Table Runner

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 Well I've been working on my latest design. It's called Garden Song. The design is actually a Nancy Halvorsen design & I did love making it. The fabrics are a collection my mom bought me for Christmas & it's just so pretty.
It's just such a great way to dress up a table &/or use it to redecorate & change a mood.
People have no idea how easy it is to redecorate a home & how cheap it can be. I love adding quilts to my home & changing them for each new season or if I just want a change.
Now need to finish my brother's Raggy Shaggy.
Will post a pic when that is done.
Close-up of Garden Song

Monday, June 13, 2011

New Home

Well I've been gone awhile due to the fact my mom passed away May 11th from Ovarian Cancer. She's
happy now & was actually at peace with going to heaven.
So I'm now trying to take care of her estate & my husband & I would like to buy her house from
my siblings, after probate. Probate is quite a crock! Stupid really when we all agree on everything.

So I'm trying to pay final bills & cleaning out her house. WOW, had no idea she was quite a
collector of papers! lol If we buy her house we'll still be in the country. The town we live in  is
about 600 people & very, very small. My grandparents were from this tiny southern Georgia town
& I'm pretty much related to everything. Very different for a city girl.

I'm still quilting, although have taken a break. Still trying to sell on my Etsy site & actually got
a question from an Australian lady! Wow, my first international sale, if she buys it.
Also working on my doll for our childrens story. My sister is writing the story & I'm going to
make the little girl doll to match. Our little girl has only one hand, like me, & the story will be
about her struggles & the friends she makes along the way.
I think we may try to pitch our story & doll to the Childrens hospitals or pediatricians in the
area. Kids with physical problems have such a hard road, I know I did. Aside from the physical
problems, there is the emotional side & feeling like you aren't normal. Guess what? We ARE
I'd love to help kids with physical problems know that.

Is anyone out there?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring in the country!

Our Japanes Magnolia is ready for Spring. This
pretty purple bloom is so pretty & soft looking.
We also have a regular Magnolia tree & those
blooms are huge & white. Both these tress bloom
usually twice a year. They bloom in early Spring, like February, & later in the year around August or
I'm finally getting a little better at the picture
taking. Took the pic on close up & on night
scene & it came out much better.
Another pretty bloom on our Japanese

Working on my Easter & Spring crafts.
This little bunny pot holder looks great in the
kitchen to welcome the Holiday!
Hmmmm what else can I come up with?? So many
ideas but very little time it seems!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ladybugs Galore

In Georgia I've found they release ladybugs to
help our crops. The first year we were here they were everywhere in the house we were renting. I've never
seen anything like it. I decided to make a wall quilt in their honor. :) Ladybugs are said to be good luck & I
always thought they were special & never could kill them. I always release them outside in our yard. These little ladies on my quilt just love sitting on their leaves & gossiping! This quilt is also very pretty on a table with
a vase of flowers in the middle. These were fun to make.

Close up little ladies.

Tucker, our lovable yellow lab, my
big ole protector. He follows me all over the house & keeps an eye on us during the night.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Busy in Georgia

Been busy creating for my Etsy site. Plan on having
lots more. Have had a family crisis. My mother has
Ovarian Cancer & went in the hospital on Christmas
Eve & is now living with me. We're getting settled
& she's holding her own.
Life in Georgia is peaceful for the most part &
can't wait for Spring. Spring comes early here,
around the end of February so this has me thinking
of Valentine's Day & all the flowers I want to create!
I have lots of show & have sooo many plans. My
landscape quilts are forming in my mine & look
just like paintings but out of  fabric.

Rail relaxing. Lazy kitty!
Stay tuned...