The Quilter's Meow

The Quilter's Meow

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Silk Caps

I'm still working on my free motion quilting. I'd like to be able to free motion quilt these caps. You
don't need a special sewing machine. Just so the feed dogs can be lowered, that's all you need.
Here's the materials list for these bowls:

*One pre-dyed silk cap (layers of silk cocoons that have been stretched out & flattened into a bell shape.

* A suitable selection of machine embroidery threads

* A spring-clip embroidery frame with a platic outer hoop & a metal inner hoop.

* Lightweight, transparent water-soluble stabilizer, enough to cover both sides of the cap. (I use Sulky Solvy)

* Fusible polyester fibers, such as Angelina or fantasy fibers

* A selection of beads & sequins

* Fabric Stiffening Spray

* Sewing Machine

* Beading needle & suitable thread

* A cling film-covered vessel for shaping the bowl

Some of these are optional, like the beads, but add interest. This technique & the materials list is
from an article I read in my favorite magazine, Quilting Arts written by Kath Danswan.

You start by cutting 2 pieces of water-soluble stabilize big enough to cover the cap.
Lay the silk cap onto the stabilizer & add any additional fibers you may want at this stage.

Cover the silk with the second piece of stabilizer to make a sandwich. Place the layered cap centrally into the embroidery frame, gently easing it until it lies flat.

Start working from the center. This  is where the free-motion embroidery comes in. If you are a
beginner, it's good to choose an organic type of theme. Nature is never perfect, so if you make a mistake it doesn't matter. My theme is flowers.
Work your way out from the center.

Once the machine embroidery is completed, remove the bowl from the hoop & carefully wash away most of the stabilizer.
Place the bowl over the covered form that you are using to shape it. Prop up the form so the edges of
the bowl don't touch the worktable.

Leave it preferable overnight. Once it's dry, completely spray it with the fabric stiffening spray & let

Remove the bowl from the form & add any beads or embellishments you might like. I'm planning
on adding beads & Angelina Fibers to add interest.

Stay tuned for my finished bowl. I haven't finished yet but I'm planning on making several.

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